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  • Yevgeniy B's Story

    Review of Dr. Alexander Webber & Physician Assistant Stephanie Flores

    My experience with Dr. Alexander Webber and his Physician Assistant Stephanie Flores stands out as exceptional, prompting me to share my story. Having sustained a knee injury and living an active lifestyle, the constant pain significantly hampered my daily activities.

    Dr. Webber's diagnosis was an ACL tear requiring surgery – a procedure notorious for a lengthy and arduous recovery. However, my outcome was nothing short of miraculous. Under Dr. Webber’s expert care, my surgery on July 25, 2023, yielded an incredibly swift and smooth recovery. Astonishingly, within two weeks post-operation, I was walking 10,000 steps a day. The progress continued as I advanced to cycling and using the StairMaster for extended periods within the following two months. The pain, minimal from the start, quickly subsided to almost non-existent levels.

    Stephanie Flores provided exceptional follow-up care, combining professionalism with genuine concern. Her involvement during the surgery and subsequent appointments added to the confidence and comfort I felt throughout the process.

    Recently, Dr. Webber performed surgery on my left knee to repair torn menisci, and once again, I experienced an outstanding result – no pain and a strong start to yet another promising recovery.

    It’s rare to encounter such expertise and care in the medical field. Dr. Webber and Stephanie Flores possess a gift that goes beyond their surgical skills – they bring hope and rapid healing to their patients. Their work is transformative, and I am profoundly grateful for their dedication and service.

    Source: Google review1
  • Diran O's Story

    Dr. Weber is one of the best doctor's I have met, can't say enough how caring he was, as well as his staff! He was always available with his direct phone number. He is a top notch doctor and I couldn't be more thankful to have him do my knee surgery.

    Source: Google review2
  • Simone P's Story

    Dr Weber is very knowledgeable about sport injuries. He showed deep attention to my case by reading the history, prior exams and doing a thorough assessment of the symptoms. A very good experience as far as medical visits can go

    Source: Google review3
  • Christine P's Story

    So grateful to have been referred to Dr. Weber!! He is a thoughtful, caring, and skilled doctor who is "above and beyond" responsive. His office operates like a well-oiled machine and is super communicative.

    My son is an athlete and has seen him for knee and shoulder injuries, and we received great care for both! When another doctor said he should have surgery on his knee and miss his last high school season of volleyball, Dr. Weber found an alternative course of treatment that allowed my son to play virtually every minute of every game this year!

    When he injured his shoulder and we were worried about a break or a tear, the office was able to squeeze him in for an appointment on the same day which spared us a trip to the ER! They completed the x-ray, scheduled the MRI, and arranged a follow up appointment within 5 days of injury. Even when I emailed after hours, the assistant responded to say she would follow up in the morning...and then she did!

    Thankfully, there was no tear in the shoulder and surgery was not required. If it was, however, we would have complete faith in Dr. Weber's abilities and post-surgical care given the way he and his staff pay attention to the details and follow up! We are so happy he is on our team!

    Source: Google review4
  • Archie's Story

    Dr. Weber and Stephanie Flores are amazing. They performed hip surgery on me and from beginning to end they've been great. I'm fully recovered now and could not have imagined it going better than it has.

    If you're looking for a great surgeon and team look no further!

    Source: Google review5
  • Fraz A's Story

    Dr. Weber did my ACL surgery. The incisions were minimal, post-surgery pain was very low, and the recovery was much faster than average.

    Prior to Dr. Weber, I had another surgeon who treated my ACL tear like a common sport injury. That surgeon was not attentive to details. I told him about severe leg pain, which he ignored. That led me to have a blood clot - so I changed to Dr. Weber.

    Dr. Weber is very attentive, thinking through multiple aspects of the injury and extremely responsive to address issues in a timely manner. His detailed execution, in-depth knowledge, ability to look at patient's unique situations, and consider alternatives and other factors makes him amongst the best. To add on, he has a very personal touch, making the patient very comfortable during the entire process.

    His staff and PA (Stephanie) are also fantastic! So extremely highly rated :)

    Source: Google review6
  • Sean G's Story

    Dr. Alexander Weber, MD and his team at KECK Medicine of USC are most outstanding. My visit was clockwork quick. Testing, xray and evaluation went smooth. Everyone in the office were friendly and respected all my concerns and questions. Dr. Weber is an amazing orthopedic surgeon. Very professional. I highly recommend.

    Source: Google review7
  • Will P's Story

    He's top of the line. I've seen Dr Weber for two issues. AC Joint separation on right shoulder after mountain biking accident and more recently right side hip pain. Starting physical therapy for hip. Dr Weber will exhaust all options well before suggesting surgery. He's tremendously professional and listens.

    Source: Google review8
  • Stephanie H's Story

    Dr Weber is always so accommodating,, caring, friendly and sincere. He is an excellent clinician and surgeon . I recommend him to everyone!

    Source: Google review9
  • Scott B's Story

    Dr. Weber is an amazing doctor. I had knee surgery to repair my torn meniscus. He did a phenomenal job, I was walking the next day and back to 90% the first week. Dr. Weber takes a real personal approach, understands your concerns, works around your schedule and make himself available at all times. He provided me his cell number for direct communication which was really helpful. I visited both Keck Hospital on Soto street and The El Segundo center. The El Segundo center is really convenient and easily accessible. I would like all of my doctor visits to be like this!

    Source: Google review10
  • Natalia P's Story

    Doctor Weber was absolutely amazing with my son’s knee surgery. He was available and helpful through the whole process until the full recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs treatment in his specialty.

    Source: Google review11
  • alex b's Story

    Doctor Weber is amazing. I have gone to see him for two separate injuries and both times he was able to accurately diagnose and treat my injuries with precision. The doctor before him was ready to preform surgery as the only option. I really appreciate Him and the entire staff at Keck.

    Source: Google review12
  • Brad's Story

    Dr Weber was recommended to me by surgical colleagues and their recommendations were spot on. I was super impressed with the assessment and multiple options carefully explained by Dr Weber and his team. I elected to skip surgical options….today, four months after an injection and weekly PT, my knee is completely free of pain, discomfort and I’ve resumed full activity.

    Source: Google review13
  • Rick C's Story

    I worked as an MRI tech at Cedars Sinai for 12 years so I know a little about Medicine and Doctors. I have seldom been more impressed than with Dr Weber's knowledge and professionalism. I am having major shoulder surgery in a few weeks. After meeting Dr Weber, I am completely confident that he is the right man for the job. His combination of cutting edge knowledge and expertise is unique in my experience. I fully expected a lengthy rehab, but Dr Weber has put my mind at ease and assures me I should recover much quicker than anticipated with minimal discomfort. His entire staff and facility are the ultimate in professionalism and service. I cannot recommend him more highly.

    Source: Google review14
  • Rusty B's Story

    Dr Weber took great care of our son. His knee injury was not an overly common one, but Dr Weber expertly diagnosed and corrected the problem for our son’s knee. We appreciate Dr Weber and his team.

    Source: Google review15
  • Richard A's Story

    Dr. Weber is the most responsive physician I have ever met. After my first visit, which resulted in successful treatment, he treated my son and then my father, all of us with shoulder related issues. He has an efficient practice with staff who are similarly responsive and professional. I really appreciate that he makes it easy to call his office directly rather than having to go through the slow and frustrating USC phone system.

    Source: Google review16
  • Pranesh B's Story

    Dr. Weber and his staff are amazing! His knowledge and experience with dealing with sports related injuries is the reason we were told to see him. He took great care in evaluating my daughter’s injury and then discussed the options. He was empathetic in his approach and sound in his advice. Thank you Dr. Weber!

    Source: Google review17
  • Tara J's Story

    I had a great experience with Dr. Weber and his practice. My appointment was on-time, and his staff were friendly. Everyone supporting him (the PA and others) were direct and knowledgeable. He gave me a line to contact him directly rather than the abject hell of the USC/Keck call center. I highly recommend!

    Source: Google review18
  • Mayra O's Story

    I can’t say enough about Dr. Weber and his team. From the start to the finish of my visit the staff are professional, courteous and friendly. Dr. Weber and his physicians’ assistant Stephanie Flores are the most caring, knowledgeable and informative experts. They are very understanding and always listen to my concerns. I am confident that I am receiving expert medical Care. The front desk staff and the medical assistants are very nice and helpful. Stephanie Flores is extremely professional and takes time to listen and time to explain. She gives realistic expectations and timelines. Dr. Weber and the entire staff are beyond amazing and I would recommend all my family and friends to be seen here if they need excellent care.

    Source: Google review19
  • Carlye W's Story

    This appointment was for my 96 year old mother-in-law. She was very nervous about the prospect of possible surgery on her shoulder. She did not want surgery. Her general doctor made it sound like that was the best option .. no other suggestions. Dr. Weber was very soft spoken, he sat on a stool to be at her level, and he told her that he would prefer not to do surgery on her and that he could give her a cortisone injection and order some physical therapy. He listened to her and looked her in the eyes rather than flipping papers in her chart. I would highly recommend him for anyone.

    Source: Google review20
  • Poor

    I had my ACL surgery with Dr Weber and I could not be more happy with my results and overall experience. I am so happy I went with Dr Weber after seeing several other orthopedic surgeons to repair my ACL tear in the Los Angeles area. He is skilled at what he does, has great bedside manner and truly cares about his patients. My knee is feeling AMAZING and I am back to doing the things I love in a short amount of time! Not to mention, the staff are always available and extremely helpful. Not your typical doctor office - they exceed your expectations! If you are looking for an orthopedic specialist in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Glendale or El Segundo - he is the one to go to!!!

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