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Revision Shoulder Replacement

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Revision Shoulder Replacement services offered in Beverly Hills, El Segundo, Glenale & Los Angeles, CA

These complications may arise due to several factors such as the formation of bone spurs, scar tissue, deficits in supporting muscles, nerve injury during surgery, soft tissue imbalance, or loose bodies. Oversized or misplaced components, inadequate rehabilitation, or overstraining of repaired tendons can also contribute to surgical failure.

Before considering revision surgery, your doctor will examine your medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the cause of failure and the best treatment approach.

Revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia and involves removing any impediments to joint mobility, such as scar tissue or stiff muscles. The ill-fitting components may be replaced or altered, and fractures are stabilized using plates, screws, or wires. Infected tissue is removed, and antibiotic solution is used for irrigation in case of infections. In chronic cases of infection, the components may need to be replaced. Care is taken to protect neurovascular and muscular structures that may have been affected by the previous surgery. Incisions may follow the previous ones with extensions made as necessary.