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  • Sports Medicine: Doctor in the House

    At an NFL game, there may be a half dozen or more doctors on the sidelines, with various specialties and backgrounds. At the high school level, however, a team is lucky to have one physician on hand. Even then, this doctor will often change from year to year, if not from game to game.

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  • Spartan Athletes Reap Benefits of Sports Medicine Doctor

    Dr. Alex Weber excused himself before heading out toward the 40-yard line, in the direction of the injured Monrovia football player prone on the La Cañada High School field turf.

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  • PUSD Football Scores Partnership with Keck Medicine of USC

    Although this year’s football season may have ended in disappointment for the three Pasadena high schools who offer a pigskin program (Muir, Pasadena High, and Marshall Fundamental), the school district’s newfound partnership with Keck Medicine of USC is poised to be a winning combination for years to come. Spearheaded by Dr. Alexander Weber, assistant professor of clinical orthopedic surgery, and his team of sports medicine physician fellows, the folks at Keck Medicine have undertaken the critical mission of supporting the Pasadena Unified School District’s (PUSD) football teams.

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  • ACL Reconstruction: More About Skill Than Technique

    Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries performed today, but still there is a lot of debate on whether there is a “gold standard” approach to reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament. When creating a treatment plan for an individual patient, a surgeon has quite a few decisions to make on how best to handle the reconstruction.

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  • Controversy, cost may not dim potential of stem cells in the shoulder

    It is widely known and reported in the literature that shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff tears, tend to heal slowly and the management of glenoid labral tears, subacromial impingement and the degenerative, arthritic shoulder may be challenging. Therefore, research into biologic treatments for these conditions is underway. This includes exploring the effect in the laboratory and the OR of various types of stem cells on healing when injected or used to augment arthroscopic or open surgery.

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